LF-1700 Xytronic 100W Lead-Free Digital Soldering Station

    LF-1700 Xytronic 100W Lead-Free Digital Soldering Station
Producent: Xytronic
Model: LF-1700
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LF-1700 Xytronic 100W Lead-Free Digital Soldering Station


The Xytronic LF-1700, 100W Digital Soldering Station has a digital temperature readout and a soldering temperature range of 150 to 480°C. Its electronic circuitry maintains the soldering temperature by means of a temperature sensor mounted in the soldering iron. The electronic circuitry employs Zero Voltage switching techniques that prevent the generation of voltage and current spikes that could damage sensitive components.

A range of spare parts and alternative long-lasting, iron clad, nickel/chrome soldering tips are available to keep the LF-1700 Xytronic functioning perfectly.


  • ESD safe
  • Warm-up time approx. 20 seconds
  • Fast temperature recovery
  • Auto sleep function saves power and extends tip life
  • Slender, ergonomic soldering iron with rubberised grip
  • Non-burning silicone rubber cable between station and iron
  • Uses Xytronic 44-5106XX series soldering tips
  • Supplied complete with iron stand, tip cleaner and instruction booklet
  • Xytronic type LF-1700

Technical Details

Input 220 to 240V AC, 50Hz
Output power 100W
Temperature range 150 to 480°C (302 to 896°F)
Standard tip B01 (44-510601), 0.8mm pointed, 85-0981


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